Market Approach

After establishing a firm “go-to” market strategy and assigning the most highly-qualified field representatives to promote your products and solutions, Syncom agents will methodically and systematically approach the market on your behalf. Throughout the service delivery, Syncom will closely track sales representative performance in order to ensure that call quotas and performance metrics are scrupulously observed and fulfilled.

Dedicated & Syndicated Sales Teams

Syncom utilizes a highly-modular calling methodology to contact physicians, so our clientele can fulfill their market penetration strategy without exceeding project budgets. All Syncom clients can select the priority and frequency with which sales agents sell and promote your products. To meet these ends, Syncom has developed a variety of unique service models that cater to each client’s diverse needs and requirements:

Dedicated Sales: Syncom’s dedicated sales agents are devoted 100% to selling and promoting your products – providing the most comprehensive contract-sales service in the market. Our team of Experienced Sales Representatives will contact more physicians and sell more products for a fraction of the cost of existing in-house sales initiatives.

Syndicated Sales: Our syndicated sales teams are available on a “part-time” or “part-call” basis. In other words, syndicated sales teams can divide their workload by time, or by call, depending on the client's request. We offer the following syndicated sales models:

Promotional Activities

To support and maximize our field activities, Syncom leverages a wide-selection of strategic marketing promotions aimed to increase market awareness and expedite physician response. This includes:

Syncom marketing professionals coordinate all campaigns to ensure that each initiative   is properly timed and launched to complement current field representative activities. We possess the latest marketing tools and mass communication infrastructure in order to reach the widest constituency of physicians in your target markets.