Performance Tracking & Strategy Refinement

The heterogeneous nature of our services encourages on-the-fly tactical field adjustments in order to adapt to real-time sales results, performance measurement and ongoing market education. This ensures that we are able to react aggressively and decisively to market data and physician feedback. We utilize a number of proprietary metrics to gauge our effectiveness and modify our service delivery throughout the sales cycle.

Our state-of-the-art 32 bit server farm keeps track of all phone calls, prescriptions, drug samples and payroll, as well as any additional metrics that our clients deem necessary for forthcoming analysis. Syncom’s data production facility and staff are capable of querying and analyzing data according to diverse markets, territories, times and physician prescriptions so that we can tailor our sales-force activity according to real-time market results. This constant modification and optimization of the sales process ensures that positive trends are properly exploited and negative trends are rooted out of the service offering.

Syncom can deliver refined sales objectives into the field in real-time. Our Sales Agents are equipped with advanced mobile sales management equipment, enabling us to continually revise our territorial objectives and strategic targets according to the latest market-driven data – providing a truly differentiated service offering to our clients