Recruitment and Assignment

For 20 years, the pulse of our company and the hallmark of our success has been exemplified by hundreds of dedicated Syncom Sales Representatives that are strategically positioned throughout the United States. All Syncom Field Professionals have prior pharmaceutical sales experience and have passed a rigorous interview and screening process managed by both local and corporate executives.

We are dedicated to deploying the sales professionals whose skills and background best match your particular therapeutic segment and service needs. Before engaging new projects, all selected representatives must pass a rigorous training program to ensure that they meet our uncompromising standard of excellence. We incorporate a variety of training methods and tools to equip our sales representatives with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully engage physicians and pharmacies in your segment, including: training conferences, home-study modules, teleconferences, mentoring, electronic call monitoring, and meticulous field management.

Syncom’s leadership position in the field of contract sales provides us with an invaluable advantage to recruit new representatives quickly and efficiently. Our sales infrastructure is highly-scalable by design so that we can identify and recruit additional representatives swiftly and efficiently in order to comply with your manpower demands.

Advanced Communications and Tracking

All Syncom Representatives are equipped with advanced mobile sales management equipment that streamlines critical business data from the back-office directly into the field – improving sales-force efficiency and fulfilling regulatory guidelines. These sophisticated handheld devices enable Syncom Sales Representatives to maintain a log of calls and contacts while accessing real-time targeted data about all physicians within a defined territory - including prescriptions each physician has written, call history, etc. Sales Representatives can also utilize these devices for advanced call planning, call reporting and customized data management. Our emphasis on advanced computing and recording technology promotes and encourages routine email exchanges between Syncom Sales Representatives and fellow agents, sales managers and corporate executives - as well as direct contact with clients.

Additionally, these palmtops seamlessly record all activity while on the road or in the physician's office - right down to the physician's secure digital signature. By maintaining real-time records of all drug sample activity, Syncom’s service offerings are fully compliant with FDA and PDMA regulations. Accordingly, we are able to provide you with a timely, accurate and highly synchronized service offering  that adheres to strict, industry best-practices.

Extensive Pharmaceutical Expertise

For more than two decades, our sales representatives have worked with an extensive selection of  drugs, devices and solutions across diverse therapeutic boundaries. Syncom has accumulated a seemingly-endless supply of industry-specific sales data across a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device segments that can assist us with everything from pre-service physician mapping to in-service, call-technique adjustments - for each specific industry.

Our proficiency and experience doesn’t stop there. We are committed to continually developing and expanding our intellectual capital by sending our sales-force to industry-specific seminars and training events - to extend each representative’s knowledge base and understanding of emerging therapeutic trends and solutions.

We will gladly work with you to identify and assign sales representatives with the best possible therapeutic background and qualifications to meet your industry-specific demands.