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Why is Mentha-XL® the #1 Gastroenterologist Recommended Brand?

Mentha-XL® has the most potent formulation with a superior delivery system. Mentha-XL® contains pharmaceutical grade active ingredients that are released into the intestines where they work! Do not substitute with lower potency, less active brands.

Gastroenterologists recommend Mentha-XL® softgels to alleviate the painful symptoms of IBS: intestinal gas, cramps, pressure, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Mentha-XL® is proven to be highly effective for several reasons. Mentha-XL® is the most potent brand available and delivers the active ingredients to the intestines, where they work.

Independent laboratory tests prove Mentha-XL® to be nearly twice as potent as the other brands on the market. The diagram below indicates Mentha-XL® is the best available treatment for IBS. The graph compares the potency of Mentha-XL® to three alternatives softgels brands and clearly demonstrates Mentha-XL® is the most potent and therefore, the most effective softgel to relieve IBS symptoms. Research studies show Mentha-XL® is proven to help you feel better!


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