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The Contract-Sales Revolution

The key to growing market share in an unpredictable business environment is predicated on the ability to build a flexible organization that can dynamically adapt to rapidly-changing internal and external conditions.

After all, some events create adversity; others create opportunity. Some events require prudence. Others demand immediacy of action.

A forward-thinking sales organization must react assertively and decisively in order to successfully capitalize on opportunities and circumvent setbacks. Working with a contract-sales organization provides pharmaceutical developers, manufacturers and marketers the necessary flexibility and capacity to achieve these ends.

  • Outsourcing allows your organization to remain lean and efficient -  keeping fixed operating costs at bay while extending your market reach across diverse therapeutic disciplines and territorial boundaries.
  • Outsourcing enables your company to immediately mobilize additional sales representatives to react to ad-hoc business opportunities - such as faster-than-expected product launches or market voids left by sudden competitor exits. Business opportunities are often chaotic and unpredictable by nature and reveal themselves in a flash. Smart companies can quickly deploy outsourced sales-forces to capitalize on immediate opportunities, thereby eliminating the need to initiate lengthy, complex company restructurings or recruitment campaigns that can have potential long-term repercussions.
  • Outsourcing helps maintain and increase market share in under-resourced  segments - where corporations have traditionally been reluctant to deploy additional promotional tools and manpower resources.
  • Outsourcing provides organizational flexibility so companies can painlessly reduce excess sales staff in the event of sudden market downturns, negative FDA rulings or unforeseen corporate disarray. Leveraging a contract-sales team can help preserve company morale by avoiding uncomfortable terminations of both essential and non-essential staff.
  • Outsourcing enables companies with limited financial resources to test market waters and reach large commercial audiences without overextending their financial spending power. Outsourcing services enable organizations to reach more physicians - for less money per-call - than retained in-house sales professionals.

A truly dynamic organization will utilize changing market and company conditions to their advantage. As a leading provider of tailor-made contract-sales solutions to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, Syncom is ideally positioned to deliver highly efficient, flexible outsourced sales-forces to drug developers, manufacturers and marketers.

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