NovaNailPLUS® Crystal Clear Base Coat

NovaNailPLUS® Crystal Clear Base Coat
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NovaNailPLUS®Crystal Clear Base Coat Antifungal Nail Polish

Onychomycosis (on-i-ko-mi-ko-sis) is the medical term for nail infections that can be caused by fungi, mold, or yeast that results in thickening, roughness, and splitting of the nails. Nail fungal infections may be painful and may spread to the neighboring nails next to the affected nail(s) with antifungal agents.

NovaNailPLUS® is Effective! NovaNailPLUS® contains two powerful, natural antifungal agents.

Laboratory tests show NovaNailPLUS®'s special formula penetrates into the nail bed stopping the fungal infection.

NovaNailPLUS® is Easy to Use! Unlike other topical antifungals that must be applied once or twice (2 times) daily, NovaNailPLUS® is applied just twice (2 times) weekly.

NovaNailPLUS® is Safe! NovaNailPLUS® is made with natural antifungal ingredients. NovaNailPLUS® does not require you to undergo laboratory tests to determine its safety in use. NovaNailPLUS® does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain DBP and does not contain toluene; which are three potentially harmful agents.

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